SPSS Capacity Building Workshop

  1. Are you involved in analyzing quantitative data collected from surveys, evaluations or observations?
  2. Does your work entail graphically representing the results of your analysis to aid critical decisions or inferences?
  3. Are you interested in building your expertise in quantitative data analysis?
  4. Would you want to increase your earning potential by becoming savvy in quantitative data analysis?

We hereby present “SPSS Capacity Building Workshop”

SPSS is a data analysis program useful for anyone who is involved in analyzing quantitative data and requires improved knowledge in testing hypothesis, ascertaining statistical significance between sub-population differences, determining interdependence between variables, estimating decisions among variables and presenting the results to inform critical decisions and inferences.

Preston Healthcare Consulting takes a hands-on approach to teaching SPSS. Topics will cover areas from importing spreadsheets to exploring data using descriptive and inferential statistics.


  1. Researchers (Public Health Practitioners, Social, Biological and Physical Scientists, Development workers as well as Academia).
  2. Monitoring & Evaluation staff involved in handling program data.
  3. Business Analysts who want to become better versed in the use of SPSS Statistics.

Scope of course

  • Overview of the user interphase: Data View, Variable View.
  • Creating Data File: Defining Variables, Entering data.
  • Importing and exporting Data: Importing an Excel Spreadsheet into SPSS, Exporting SPSS data into Excel spreadsheet, Exporting and SPSS statistics output table to Power Point slides.
  • Merging Data Files: Creating data files for merging, Merging the data files.
  • Descriptive Statistics: Frequency Analysis, Cross tabs, Multiple response, frequencies, Multiple response cross tabs, Calculating means, Calculating the Standard deviation.
  • Creating and Formatting Charts: Building charts, Adding a title to a chart, Adding colors to a chart, Applying a background color, Creating a chart from a pivot table, Creating Scatter plots, Creating box plots, Adding a line to a scatter plot, Manipulating the scales on the X and Y axis.
  • Data Manipulation: Selecting cases, Splitting File, Using Find and replace, Copying and pasting variable properties, Inserting variables and cases, Deleting variables and cases.
  • Test Of Significance: Chi- square, Correlations, Paired Sample T-test, Independent sample T-test.
  • Regression Analysis: Simple Regression: Scatter plots, Predicting values of dependent varibles.
  • Multiple Regression: Predicting values of dependent variables.
  • Data Transformation: Using the “compute” command.
  • Scripting for repetitive statistical analyses: Construct syntax files, run an existing syntax file.


Participants are required to come with their laptops as training sessions will be hands-on and interactive.

  • Venue:CBN International Training Institute Maitama, Abuja.
  • Date: 19th to 22nd June, 2017
  • Time: 9 am to 5pm daily
  • Fee Per Participant: N85,000.00

This fee covers training kits & materials, certificate of attendance, souvenirs, tea break and Lunch (throughout the duration of the Program).

Early Bird

  • Before 5th June: N80,000.

Group registration

  • Group registration of 5 or more people: N80,000


  • Discounts apply to ‘Early Bird' or 'group registration' and not both.

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Registration is currently open and will stay open till two days to the event.